The VISION-xEV project aims at developing and demonstrating a generic virtual component and system integration framework for the efficient development of all kinds of future electrified powertrain systems.

The need to meet future fleet CO2 emission limits will lead to a further increased introduction of a broad range of electrified vehicle configurations to the portfolio of the European OEMs. A significant effort regarding methods and tools is therefore required to enable the development of the diverse future electrified powertrain systems with minimum additional cost.

An electrified powertrain is a highly complex mechatronic system, and meeting all functional and performance requirements efficiently demands a highly integrated development approach. Micro- and mild-hybrid architectures add moderate complexity to the conventional powertrain. However, the further step towards heavy electrification, aimed at a largely improved overall energy efficiency and unconditional emission legislation compliance under RDE conditions, requires advanced design and optimization methods and tools to master the related development challenges. It is the goal of VISION-xEV to contribute to this by joining the expertise of all partners involved.