The overall objective of VISION-xEV is to unveil and demonstrate a consistent modelling and simulation based methodology for component and system integration, i.e. to enable virtual prototyping from component to sub-system to powertrain / vehicle system level, to support the efficient and effective development of all kinds of future electrified / hybrid vehicles.

In order to achieve the overall objective, the following secondary objectives have been defined:

  • Multi-domain xEV modelling and simulation effort reduction of >40% with respect to optimized xEV overall energy efficiency optimization.
  • System model parameterization effort reduction of >35% by adopting 3D multi-physics simulation results.
  • Model coupling, interfacing and co-simulation effort reduction of >40% for high-fidelity and fast reduced order models.
  • xEV energy management control strategy development efficiency gain of >35% by enabling frontloading of development activities.
  • Improvement of model prediction accuracy by >30% for high-fidelity and fast real time capable e-component, internal combustion engine and after-treatment models.
  • Experimental parameter identification effort reduction of >40% by novel strategies and methods for parameter identification.
  • Demonstration of overall xEV development efficiency gain of >25% based on dedicated use cases.